Happily 200 is a quality of life and paradigm altering game which I developed in Landmark’s Self Expression & Leadership course. I am inspired by Mary Louise Zeller and Ron Zeller’s book Aging or Ageless, my mom, The Happy Healthy Hunzas, Dennis and Gerry Weaver & The Holy Bible.



For anyone who takes this on, this is not a guarantee you will live to be 200 years, this is a guarantee, your quality of life will shift into a lighter, happier sense of sense of being and you will have the time to do the things you want to.


Feel Better

You’ll feel better too, cause fun is in store. And… Amazing conversations lift you gently out of your current aging paradigm. This game offers a different view of what is “known” and the benefits of other points of view. Paradigms are beliefs (cages) we live in and consider to be true.



An example would be fire burns, which appears to be truth until you go fire walking. Another would be that time is linear, until you see a picture of a tube torus, and then you realize the past, present and future are available to you in the same moment.

We are aging in a world where people consider themselves lucky to reach the age of 100.

At a certain age,we start to give our things away, and put our papers in order. We begin to wind down and prepare for death.
We assume certain disabilities, such as your hair turning grey and arthritis, etc., are a natural part of aging.

We believe we don’t have much time left, so why start something new? There can be a lot of stress in this box or paradigm.

Allowing yourself to enjoy the possibility of Living to be 200 is a game changer. In my case my 75th birthday was August 18th of 2015 and since I live in the possibility of 200, I created the possibility of another 125 years for myself – Fun, Eh!
  1. I am winding up.
  2. I’ve gone in for repairs, teeth, etc.
  3. I am the possibility of a whole new life and renewed vitality.
  4. I also have all the time I need to do, what I want to do and stress my disappears.
  5. I am taking on new projects and laughing more.
  6. How would your world become if you knew the there is a world of brilliant and wonderful people wanting you to join us
At first, I thought this was an old persons game and that turns out not to be true

this applies to all who own the possibility.
Above all else, lets have fun, laugh a lot and give great parties and do good service.
Warmly, Valerie


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few examples


These are but a few examples of the thinking which is common and accepted as normal in aging. My doctor recently told me that certain discomforts I had were due to the fact I was getting older. What if it wasn’t age that was getting to me? What if was depletion of things needed by my body to thrive?

How many times have you said, my life is half over or I have just a few more years? I am sure many of you recognize the language of the age box. When you are 25, you might think, “my life is 1/4 over.

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